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You'll find that by outsourcing your tuition billing with Compete Services  you'll be able to focus your efforts on what really makes your program more valuable. This is simply the single most IMPORTANT thing you can do to build your business this year. Studios that use Compete Services to manage their tuition billing also benefit from the business and marketing resources that we offer. We'll not only save you time, but we'll show you the cutting edge PROVEN strategies that studio owners are using today to flood their studios with new students.

Are You Stepping Over Dollars to Get to Dimes?

Without a streamlined, automated tuition management system, your studio's losing money. That's the bottom line. If you're not using a tuition billing company like Compete Services  you're letting thousands of dollars a year slip right through your fingers. Hiring a tuition billing company is easily the BEST DECISION you can make to ensure that you're getting WHAT YOU'RE WORTH.

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You see, Compete Services  is much more than just a tuition billing service. When you join Compete Services you'll get a lot more than just the FREEDOM from the DIFFICULTIES that come with collecting your own tuition. It's a complete system for growing your studio business. It's a combination of several things: 
Management Software -
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Benefit from a community of successful studio owners.
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Automated Tuition -
Affordable billing solutions for studios of any size.
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Stop Wasting Time and Energy Chasing Tuition Payments! Our Exclusive Services Make Tuition Collection Effortless.

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"I don't have to go to class and worry about who has paid and who hasn't. I can just teach class and give every student equal attention without having to be worried about having to collect their tuition."

 --Jennie Creer-King Head Instructor, Owner Provo, UT

"You're wasting your time if you don't try Compete Services because so far it's the best thing that I've got here since I've been teaching. I always had a really hard time getting the studio organized, getting all the tuition and everything else. After I joined Compete Services they do that for me and all I have to do now is go there and teach."

 --Luis Pinto Instructor, Owner Overland Park, KS

"I have tried collecting tuition myself. It was a mess. It caused contention between me and my students and between me and my wife! I don't want to do that again."

--Chad Adams Instructor, Business Owner Dallas, TX

"Now that I have had a billing company, I will never go back. Compete Services is awesome! They will take good care of you!"

--Taralyn Sorenson Instructor, Studio Owner Lindon, UT

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